Antigone Kouloukakos

15th of August… in the middle of a hot summer my mother was holding me in her hands for the first time. From day one, I was never an easy going child which became even more evident during adolescence. I couldn’t settle down even for a moment, all I wanted was to dance. My mother used to say “that even when I was sleeping my hands were still dancing”. My first love was ballet, which I studied for almost a decade during my school years in Greece and never stopped practicing as a hobby throughout the years wherever my life’s journey took me.

As a grown up, Italy became my passion. I first moved to Parma and then relocated to Milan in order to study Law & Political Sciences. During the same period I started working as a model. I got fascinated by the lights, the glamour, the cities I visited for my work and the different cultures I had the opportunity to embrace , the real beauty that I was lucky and blessed to discover. Soon I realized that I needed something deeper and soul searching… I felt it was my destiny to become an actress.

Acting became my ticket not only to live the life that I wanted, but also experience the lives of others… situations, characters, confrontations. I enjoy elaborating my “facades”, confronting my subconscious thoughts and desires. It gives me a better understanding of myself, helps me cultivate my character and makes me a better person. The beauty of being an actress is that you never stop learning in every possible way!

I call the Director Maestro and I had the honor to meet and work – being guide would be more accurate to say – with incredible artists, unique humans that were an endless inspiration for me and they continue to be through their work.

Among them Theodoros Angelopoulos as a Leading Actress to his last movie THE OTHER SEA, he was the “father” of all. Paolo Sorrentino with his movie LORO and his perfectionism till the finest detail. Mustafa Sabbagh his romanticism and his respect to the work of Michelangelo Antonioni so effortlessly manifested on ONCE UPON A TIME IN ITALY (a contemplation on Antonioni).

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